1. Let's Get Integrity Back Into Politics
    We haven't had integrity in public policy since the 80's - the 1780's! Our country desperately needs representatives with integrity. Let's elect people like me who aren't tied down to special interest lobbyists. Let's work to get transparency back into the legislative process - no more passing bills at 3:00 a.m., no more 20,000 page long bills with hidden provisions, no more voting on bills before our repreentatives have time to read them. Let's get integrity and transparency back into public policy.
  2. Protect Your Constitutional Rights
    Every year, our Constitutional rights are further eroded with the passing of "safety" bills that destroy your right to privacy, right to be protected from unlawful searches, and your right to life. We need to fight back on a national level and refuse to hand over our liberties to the federal government. Monstrous bills like the National Defense Act and The Patriot are full of provisions that suspend our freedoms. Our country needs representatives who will vote to protect your Constitutional rights.
  3. Bring Back Affordable Living
    Every vote for a bill that raises our taxes is a vote against the American dream. We don't need Washington politicians to tell us how to spend our money. We need elected officials who will protect us from bad economic policies and give us our money back. Let's lower national spending, cut regulations, and bring back affordable living.